In Your Neighborhood. On Your Side.

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We Live and Work Here Too

You don't have to live in NYC or LA to get the best technology. Not anymore. We're bringing advanced solutions to you.

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Room to Grow

You might not need Gig speed now. But you soon will. And it's easy to scale on our fiber network.

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No Time for Downtime

Everything has to work. 24/7. Period. We get it. Which is why we invest big-time in our network and people.

Move Faster. Work Smarter. Rest Easy.

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Business Internet

One easy connection. Unlimited flexibility and scalability for what's next.

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Unified Communications

Cloud-based collaboration uniting VoIP, presence, chat and mobility.

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Uptime Assurance

Virtually end internet downtime with Always-On Wireless Internet Backup.

Why Gig. Why Now.

More apps. More devices. More mobility. Same old internet. Doesn't add up, does it? If not already, someday very soon you will need significantly more bandwidth to power all the things your business relies on. Kinetic Business Internet is built on fiber. The best technology available. So you can move now and then easily scale for what's next.

Internet. Voice. Done.

We haven't met the business that can live without internet and phone. So we've paired our fiber-backed Kinetic Business High-Speed Internet and feature-rich Kinetic Business Phone solutions in one money-saving package. Simplify by working with one local provider for your core communications and lower your overhead while doing it. Not a bad deal.

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